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Trademark vs. Copyright
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Copyright and Trademark are different kinds of intellectual property (IP).  Meaning creations of the mind – like art, inventions, designs, or names and symbols. 

IP laws enable people to benefit from what they invent or create. If you own a house, you can sell it, or rent it out.  This is like that, but for creations of the mind; that’s why it’s called intellectual property.

So what’s copyright?  What’s trademark?  

Copyright protects original creative work from being copied and exploited; like:

  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Other original writing
  • Paintings and drawings
  • Sculptures
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Other forms of audio and video materials
  • Computer software
  • Architecture
  • Scholarly Research

Trademark protects:

  • Names
  • Logos
  • Designs
  • Phrases
  • Symbols
  • Etc.

Trademarks identify the source of goods or services for consumers’ positive association between the products/services and their source is the trademark’s “goodwill,” and it is a valuable asset for the trademark owner. 

Copyright comes into existence automatically whenever a work is created and put in a fixed and tangible form (basically legalese for “written down”).

Trademarks are created when the name, word, logo, etc. is being used.

That’s your overview of copyright -original creative works vs trademark - source identifiers for goods and services.

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