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Privacy & Data Protection Law
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Privacy & Data Protection Animations
1. General Privacy Law Principles
2. Overview of US Privacy Laws
3. GDPR - Basic Overview
4. GDPR - What kinds of data are protected?
5. GDPR - Data Controller vs Data Processor
Privacy & Data Protection Interviews
1. Overview of Data Privacy Law Principles
2. Overview of Major Global Privacy Laws
3. What is "Personal Information" under Privacy Law?
4. Individual Rights in Data Privacy Law
5. How can Companies Use Personal Data
6. Sharing and Selling of Personal Data
7. Accountability In Privacy Law
8. Privacy Compliance Basics
9. Data Controller vs. Data Processor
10. Data Controller vs. Data Processor Examples
11. GDPR Overview
12. CCPA overview
13. CPRA overview
14. GDPR vs. CCPA
15. Transferring Data Internationally
16. What kinds of companies need to worry about health data?
17. What health organizations can do with patient data under HIPAA
18. What is protected health information under HIPAA?
19. What counts health information for non healthcare companies?
20. Who needs to worry about non HIPAA privacy laws?
21. State Consumer Privacy Laws: Non healthcare oranizations and health data
22. Health Data for Startups and Small Businses
23. How to get Started with Privacy Policies
24. What do early stage companies need to do about privacy law?
25. Lifecycle of a Data Breach
26. Who engages in a Data Breach
27. Whats new in Cyber Law in 2023
28. Overview of US Financial Data Privacy Laws
29. What Kind of Companies Need to Worry about Financial Data Privacy?
30. What is Financial Data under Data Privacy Laws?
31. Requirments of Financial Privacy Laws: an Overview
32. State Health Privacy Laws in 2024
33. Introduction to HIPAA
34. Overview of India's Privacy Law: the DPD
35. Who Needs to Worry About the DPD
36. Differences Between the DPD and Other Privacy Laws
AI Law Interviews
1. Intro to Generative AI and Intellectual Property
2. Legal Risk Using Generative AI Tools
3. Generative AI and Trademark Law
4. Generative AI and Creative Works
5. Can Companies or People Own AI Works
6. Generative AI and Confidential Information
7. Generative AI and Hallucinations
8. Generative AI and Bias
Contracts Animations
1. What is a Contract?
2. Non-Disclosure Agreements
Contracts Interviews
1. What is a Contract?
2. What is Not a Contract?
3. Does a Contract Need to be in Writing?
4. Key Contract Terms: Whereas
5. Key Contract Terms: Term and Termination
6. Key Contract Terms: Effective Date
7. Key Contract Terms: Execute or Executed
8. Trust and Contracts Overview
9. Key Contract Terms: Term Sheets and MOUs
10. Key Contract Terms: Letter Agreement
11. Key Contract Terms: NDAs
12. Key Contract Terms: Redline
13. Key Contract Terms: Warrantee
14. Key Contract Terms: Breach
15. Key Contract Terms: Damages
16. Key Contract Terms: Indemnity
17. How Do Contracts Help Solve Disputes?
18. What Happens if Something Goes Wrong with a Contract?
19. Master Service Agreements (MSAs)
20. Buying and Selling Software with MSAs
21. How do MSAs Work in Business Deals?
22. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
23. Overview of Payment Terms in Contracts
24. Indemnity Provisions in Contracts
25. Third-Party Indemnities Overview
26. Indemnity Example: Personal Injury and Property Damage
27. Indemnity Example 2: Personal Injury and Property Damage
28. Third-Party Indemnities Examples
29. Examples of IP Indemnities
30. NDAs Overview
31. NDA Red Flags
32. Intro to Limitations on Liability
33. Termination for Convenience
34. Sellers Should Avoid Termination for Convenience
Intellectual Property Early Access Animations
1. Trademark vs Copyright
2. What Can You Protect With a Trademark
3. How is a Trademark Created?
4. How Long do Trademark Last
5. Intellectual Property: What Do all those Symbols Mean?
6. Eight Great Reasons to Register a Trademark
7. Types of Trademarks
8. Types of Trademarks: What is a Fanciful Trademark?
9. Types of Trademarks: What is a Suggestive Trademark?
10. Types of Trademarks: What is a Descriptive Trademark?
11. Trademark Application Process Overview (US)
12. What is a Trademark Search?
13. What to Expect After Filing an Application with the TM Office (US)
14. What is an “Intent to Use” and a “Statement of Use”?
15. What Happens When my Mark Registers?
16. What Does it Mean to Infringe a Trademark?
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