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Privacy & Data Protection Law
Privacy & Data Protection Law
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Privacy & Data Protection Animations
1. What is Privacy and Data Protection law?
2. General Privacy Law Principles
3. Overview of US Privacy Laws
4. Overview of Global Privacy Laws
5. GDPR - Basic Overview
6. GDPR - Fundamental Principles
7. Who Does the GDPR Apply To?
8. GDPR - When is Collecting Personal Data Permissible?
9. GDPR - What kinds of data are protected?
10. GDPR - Data Controller vs Data Processor
11. What Can Happen if a Company Violates the GDPR?
12. GDPR - Rights of Individuals
13. GDPR - What to do After a Data Breach? The Basics!
14. What is the CCPA?
15. CCPA - Who Does the Law Apply to?
16. What is Personal Information Under the CCPA?
17. CCPA - Business vs Service Provider
18. What can Happen if a Company Violates the CCPA?
19. CCPA - Individual Rights
20. CCPA - What to do in Case of a Data Breach?
21. GDPR - GDPR Compliance Basics
22. CPRA Overview
23. CCPA Compliance Basics
24. Privacy Law basics for HR professionals
25. International Data Transfers
Privacy & Data Protection Interviews
1. GDPR Overview
2. Data Processor vs. Data Controller Under the GDPR
3. How to get Started with Privacy Policies
4. What do early stage companies need to do about privacy law?
5. Whats new in Cyber Law in 2023
6. Lifecycle of a Data Breach
7. Who engages in a Data Breach
Intellectual Property Early Access Animations
1. Trademark vs Copyright
2. What Can You Protect With a Trademark
3. How is a Trademark Created?
4. How Long do Trademark Last
5. Intellectual Property: What Do all those Symbols Mean?
6. Eight Great Reasons to Register a Trademark
7. Types of Trademarks
8. Types of Trademarks: What is a Fanciful Trademark?
9. Types of Trademarks: What is a Suggestive Trademark?
10. Types of Trademarks: What is a Descriptive Trademark?
11. Trademark Application Process Overview (US)
12. What is a Trademark Search?
13. What to Expect After Filing an Application with the TM Office (US)
14. What is an “Intent to Use” and a “Statement of Use”?
15. What Happens When my Mark Registers?
16. What Does it Mean to Infringe a Trademark?
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Privacy & Data Protection Animations
26. Cyber-Security vs. Privacy Law
27. Overview of US Data Protection Laws
28. Privacy Law basics for Marketing professionals
29. Privacy Law basics for IT professionals
30. Privacy Law basics for Sales teams
31. Legal Obligations During a Data Breach - Overview
32. Investigations: Anatomy of a Data Breach
33. What is health information and why is it important?
34. What laws apply to health information?
35. What is HIPAA (and who does it apply to?)
36. What are the basic requirements of a HIPAA compliance program?
37. What are permitted uses of medical data under HIPAA?
38. What if I’m not subject to HIPAA - do I have to worry about health information?
Upcoming Q2 2o23
Season 2: Contracts
1. What is a contract?
2. Basic contact lingo
3. How can you form a contract?
4. Do I need a signature?
5. Who can enter into a contract for a company?
6. How can you change a contract?
7. What happens when things go wrong with a contract?
8. Common deal killers
9. Key Contract Terms: Indemnification
10. Key Contract Terms: Limitation of Liability
11. Key Contract Terms: Data Privacy
12. Key Contract Terms: Termination
13. Key Contract Terms: Reps and Warranties  
14. 1st Party vs. 3rd Party Liability
15. Key Contract Terms: Intellectual Property
16. Key Contract Terms: Force Majeure
17. Non Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Terms
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