Simple Content

Our superpower is simplifying and explaining complex legal topics in an engaging way.
Short highly engaging legal animated videos. Best suited for content on critical evergreen legal issues.
Strategy & Innovation
We take our client's pain points and identify where short-form content can solve big problems at scale.
Marketing & Distribution
We don't just make the content. We also help you strategize how to successfully get it out there.
Screencasts & Presentations
Concise visually compelling presentations, a great alternative to long legal webinars.
We produce PDFs, print materials, surveys, microsites, infographics, legal forms, and more.
Custom Training
& Coaching
We’ll train your team to create multimedia content and provide presentation coaching.
Use Cases
We use legal information to speed up the sales process and make contracting simpler. Short-form content can save time for lawyers overwhelmed with basic legal questions, reduce unnecessary negotiations and educate sales teams.
We provide useful information to improve company morale and actually reduce risk. We create alternatives to standard compliance training, giving employees information that is short, interesting, and to the point when they have a question. 
Innovative Legal Practices
We help lawyers explain the most cutting-edge legal issues for marketing, client communications, conferences, and thought leadership. 
Access to Justice
We work with courts and legal aid organizations to improve public understanding of the law, help organizations serve more clients in less time, and reach the hardest-to-reach communities.
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